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Online Coaching

Here is a link to a sample practice plan template so that you can see what online trumpet coaching looks like.

For $30 a week (the price of a single 30-minute in-person lesson), you get the following:


1) An individualized weekly practice plan tailored to your current ability, goals, and time constraints. This will include supplemental PDFs, videos, recordings, as well as an assigned duet with video of me playing both top and bottom parts, and a listening recommendation for the week.


2) Unlimited feedback on videos or sound clips sent to me via YouTube, Instagram, text message, etc.


3) Ability to request video or audio clips of me playing any music – for example, audition pieces, band tests, duet parts, etudes, etc.


4) Access to my sheet music library -- I can make scans and PDFs of any of my hundreds of various trumpet method books.


5) Access to my YouTube channel, to which I will be uploading top and bottom parts of various duets for students to play along with. (To be clear, this resource is public so it's not really part of the coaching service, but, hey, it's still free content that you get access to.)

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